Trimaster Go Rules

Teams consist of three players and optional reserves. The players are firs- or second-year students of the study association without significant prior Go knowledge.

Teams assign board 1,2,3 to their players and this remains constant during the tournament.

The tournament is a round robin tournament (each team plays each other team once).

White and Black are assigned at random. The black team plays black on board1 and 3 and white on board 2.

The tournament is a 19×19 tournament. Each players has 30 minutes playtime, after that she/he has 5 minutes for each additional 15 moves. If a player does not complete her/his fifteenth move within the assigned 5 minutes, she/he loses the game.

The winner is the team that beats most other teams. In case of equal ending teams, the highest number of won games decides. If that is also equal, a play-off decides which team is the winner.

Play-off: the teams that end equal play a simul against the champion of Go club Eindhoven. The champion gives a 9 stone handicap. These games cannot be resigned and must be completed until counting. At the end of the games, all scores on the board of the three players of each team are added, the team with the best score wins.

The price for the winning team is €300 and the Tri-master Go Cup.

The general rules of the Dutch Go Association are used for the games (Comparable to the Japanese Go rules). The tournament is led by a tournament director of the Eindhoven Go Club.

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